How much money does travel baseball cost?

The cost of the program depends on the location and the services offered there. Please ask TKP Operations for details as it relates to fees and when those fees are due.  Cost does vary for each division.

How much does each family owe for tournaments?

The cost for tournaments varies per tournament as the price is set by the Tournament Director. The scale/level of the tournament and the age group of the players are also factors in how the tournaments are priced. The cost for tournaments is divided equally amongst the total number of players participating in the tournament.  

What items are included in the uniform package?

  • Branded helmet;

  • Two Branded baseball hat;

  • Branded practice jersey with number;

  • Sublimated Team Socks;

  • Branded game jersey with number;

  • Belt;

  • Branded baseball bag;

  • White baseball pants with purple pipe;

  • Grey baseball pants with purple pipe.   

 What is the length of the season?

The season is typically year-long with a month break; December 15 to January 15, with the exception of our elite and high school teams. Games are typically scheduled on weekends – every other weekend (two tournaments per month). 

Where do they play?

The fields we use differ by age and are listed on the website, found at www.totalkidproject.org.  As a program that seeks to develop our players, we do not limit the teams to specific locations.

Who can coach?

All Directors have played baseball on the professional or collegiate level. Head and Assistant coaching slots have been filled by former professional, collegiate or high school level players.  All Director’s, Head and Assistant Coaches must pass a detailed background check for criminal, violent or abusive behaviors.  The President of Baseball and Player Development interviews all applicants, ranks them, and selects coaches based on this ranking. We are looking for coaches who are role models and who have baseball knowledge and an ability to work with children.

What is the most important thing to know about our development program?

The development of players is more important to us than winning.  Winning comes naturally when a player has been successfully developed in all facets of the game.

What is the mission?

Total Kid Project (TKP) is a California based sports organization that aims to enrich the lives of youth ages 5-18 years through mentorship, athletics, educational development and community engagement. We are focused on affording opportunities to talented young athletes by relieving the financial burden associated with competitive travel sports.

 What are the goals and the philosophy?

The goals of the program are to develop skills, confidence, sportsmanship, teamwork, and to have fun. Every player should have an equal opportunity to participate and develop. This does not necessarily equate to equal playing time. Actual playing time may vary based on positions played, age level, roster size, and other circumstances. Coaches must use judgment in balancing the needs of individuals and the needs of the team. Winning is important, but only in the context of individual and team development.

What should my child expect?

Your child should expect to learn to love the sport overall and enjoy playing baseball. He should expect to meet new friends and have a lot of fun. He should expect to be challenged by his expectations and opposing pitchers. He should expect to receive instruction and drills on baseball fundamentals. He should expect to feel the pain of a tough loss and the exhilaration of a come from behind victory. He should expect to learn that this is a game, but a challenging one to learn.  

What should I expect?

You should expect that your child will learn and develop good baseball skills and will have fun doing so. You should expect that you will watch a lot of baseball this year. You should expect to be relieved when it’s over but that you will soon look back on the season and the people and the fun and want to do it again.

Can I request that my child play with his friend?

No. Team selection is based on tryouts. The only placement request allowed is a parental request before tryouts to not have their child play on the Elite team. Please see the team selection page for additional information.

Will my child play with his friends?

He may. He should expect to see new faces but maybe some familiar ones also. This is a travel sport in a competitive league. The teams are picked accordingly to the child’s skill set.

What can I do to improve the program?

Be supportive. Get involved. Be active. Volunteer your time. Help out when asked. Ask questions about what you don’t understand and offer ideas or constructive suggestions for improvements.

What is the Total Kid Project?

The Total Kid Project is a competitive development/travel youth baseball program. We are a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization.  

Who do I make payment to? And how, check or cash?

All families pay through our auto payment system.

How many players per team?

Each team will have no more than 13 players on the roster.

How often will we be expected to pay the Uniform fee?

This fee is accessed only when new uniforms need to be ordered or your player changes sizes.